Boat Trailers & Launching Trolleys
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Boat Trailers & Launching Trolleys

We can supply boat trailers for any of our boats, plus if you have a custom designed boat we can also supply a custom designed boat trailer.

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Our boat trailers are fully galvanised and come with a VIN numbers and identification plates. Boat trailers and dinghy launching trolleys can be supplied with your boat purchase or sold separately.

All of our trailers come complete with;

  • Safety lock coupling with option for key lock
  • Fully galvanised
  • Safety chain/wire
  • VIN number and identification plate
  • Trailer to trolley lock on system with extra safety pin
  • Jockey wheel attachment point on trailer and trolley
  • Forefoot support either rubber or foam
  • Front and side reflectors
  • Fully enclosed mudguard system and mud flaps
  • Independent rubber suspension units
  • 6 ply hi-speed wheels and tapered bearings
  • Tie down eyes and lighting board connect point
  • Fitted cradle chock to suit individual dinghy classes
  • Lighting board fitted and tested
Endura Max Specifications
Available Thrust levels
45/55 pounds thrust
Telescopic Handle
Shaft Length
36 Inches
Power Prop
Composite Shaft
Digital Maximiser
Quiet Power
Boat Trailers & Launching Trolleys