Neptune 220

The Neptune 220 Rowing Boat


The 220 model is ideal as a small Tender to a larger craft - maintenance free and very durable. She also comes with rollers for ease of launching & recovery. A lighter model than the 250, she is also ideal for general Pond and Lake maintenance, and can, as other models be left outside in all weathers.



All these boats are rotationally moulded in UV stabilised HIGH DENSITY polyethylene. Polyethylene is impervious to osmosis, rot and rust proof and has no outer coating to maintain. These hulls are up to three times stronger than conventional fibreglass and come supplied with Oars & Rowlocks and built-in Roller Wheels.


Heyland Neptune 220 Rowing Boat 

Ideal Small Boat for working on Ponds & Small Lakes and getting to that Island.


Heyland Neptune 220 Rowing Boat 

Small and stable for her size, can be wheeled by one or easily carried by two.


She will slide into the back of a Pickup or travel on a two bar roofrack.


Heyland Neptune 220 Rowing Boat

An ideal present for the Grandchildren, for all months of the year.


Heyland Neptune 220 Rowing Boat

Easy to row and great fun.


Heyland Neptune 220 Rowing Boat 


Great fun for the children and grandchildren too!


Heyland Neptune 220 Rowing Boat


Ideal for Ponds and Small Lakes for clearing weeds, planting and maintenance. 


Heyland Neptune 220 Rowing Boat 


 For women who garden!


Heyland Neptune 220 Rowing Boat 


'Perfect size for one to work from, stable and robust! ...so light and easy to handle.' Mr.S from Middleton


      Length: 2m25
      Beam:  1m33
      Depth:  30cm
      Weight: 38 kg (approx)
      Seats:  2-3
      Engine: 3 hp max
      Colours: Blue, White or Green

Supplied complete with:

      Oars & Rowlocks
      Built-in Roller wheels      
      Inner & Outer transom pads
      Integral buoyancy
      Stern Drain Bung

Recommended for 

      Maintenace work

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